Old Homes and Possible Pipe Problems

July 24, 2013

Old, historical houses are desirable places to live in due to their charm and character. Sometimes the problem is that old houses are, well, old! Before moving all of your stuff into your new home, you’ll want to make sure that everything is running as it should, including its pipes. If you suspect that there might be a crack in your pipes, don’t wait until it causes damage! Seek professional help to determine what’s going on.

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That’s where AAA Drain Cleaning comes in! One of the services we offer is smoke testing. What we do is put smoke into your gas or water pipes to determine if there are any cracks. We’re able to accurately find these locations as the smoke will exit the pipe at the most convenient spot. Even cracks that can’t be detected by cameras are caught by smoke testing.

Smoke testing reveals the vulnerabilities in your pipes. Besides finding cracks, this method locates points where pressure is building up, which if not corrected, could result in damage over time. This service is safe and convenient, as the smoke does not contain any harmful toxins and our testing can be run in regular conditions.

Cracked pipes are not just a problem with old homes, so if you suspect that your newer home is having a problem with its pipes, you can also consider using smoke testing. Contact AAA Drain Cleaning to learn what our drain cleaning service can do for you!

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