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Find pipe cracks with smoke testingAAA Drain Cleaning is now offering a new service called smoke testing. Smoke testing refers to the practice of using smoke to find a leak or a crack in a pipe. As buildings and their piping age, the cracks can be increasingly difficult to find through electronic means. Even in new buildings, finding a crack in the pipes can be difficult. Smoke testing fills the suspected pipe with smoke, which allows for testers to come to different conclusions about the pipe itself. Smoke testing can show where gases and water that enter the piping system eventually exit. It also reveals the systems pressure points, where water and gas can build up and potentially cause serious damage to the entire pipeline. While electronic testing such as camera inspections can miss even dramatic cracks, smoke testing is accurate and doesn’t require the kind of setup that other testing procedures do. Your pipes can undergo smoke testing in their normal conditions, which saves both time and money.

At AAA Drain Cleaning, we have experts in the field of smoke testing that know how to quickly find any cracks in your building’s pipes that may be causing problems. Our company uses the best smoke products in order to offer a fast, clean, and most importantly safe service. None of our smoke contains toxins or other unwanted compounds that most people associate with smoke. If you are in the Northern Virginia or DC area and would like us to inspect your pipes for cracks, please contact us today!

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