Video Pipeline Equipment To the Rescue!

July 07, 2011

You know what it’s like when you get a new toy. You can’t wait to crack it open and use it, right? We recently got a brand new Pear Point 350 tractor camera. This is the grand daddy of drain cameras. It’s a self-propelled tractor camera with an 850′ reach with a pan and tilt camera.

We had the perfect job recently to test it out at a miliary installation. Our role was to validate if there was in fact damage in the drain line. This is the pefect tool for that application because it was an 18″ line, 300 feet long and 20 feet deep in the ground. Everything went great. We were able to verify the exact location and damage to the line and recommend the proper repair. It was a picture perfect job – well, up until that point.

You see, we always have a digital camera handy to take pictures of our jobs. On this particular afternoon, I leaned over the pipe, and wouldn’t you know my camera fell out my pocket and directly into a clean out. I couldn’t have made the shot if I tried.

All was not lost, though. Our new tractor camera came with a push rod. We used the push rod camera in conjunction with a drain cleaning machine with a retrieval attachment head and were able to secure the camera with the retrieval attachment and bring it up to the surface. Not exactly how he we thought we’d be using our equipment, but nice to know we can use it for a variety of applications!

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